The Law Firm of Anthony J. LaSpada, P.A. was established in 1979. Since that time, the firm has been engaged in criminal and civil trial practice in Federal and State courts. The firm concentrates its criminal practice in the area of white collar crime, with an emphasis on Federal Taxation, including tax evasion and international taxation, bank fraud and SEC criminal violations. In addition, the office has assisted many clients with cases involving personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice.

Mr. LaSpada has unique experience which has prepared him to represent clients in serious criminal matters. Mr. LaSpada has served in a number of federal positions, including as a criminal tax attorney with the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC. In this capacity, Mr. LaSpada was one of a number of attorneys who reviewed criminal tax cases on a nationwide basis, as the cases were being prepared for criminal prosecution. He would also travel throughout the U.S. and prosecute these cases. Mr. LaSpada gained excellent experience in this capacity which has prepared him to be able to represent the best interests of clients who are under investigation by the IRS and other federal agencies.

Mr. LaSpada then moved to Tampa, Fl., where he worked with the US Attorney's Office, being promoted successively to the position of Chief of the Tampa office. Mr. LaSpada's experience at both the national and local level provides him with the ability to best represent individuals who are under investigation by the Federal or state government.

Mr. LaSpada entered private practice in 1979, at which time he and former U.S. Attorney John L. Briggs of the Middle District of Florida formed the law firm of Briggs & LaSpada, P.A. In 1983 the law firm of Anthony J. LaSpada, P.A. was formed. Unlike a large law firm, Mr. LaSpada is able to provide personal attention to each and every client, and makes a personal commitment to each client he takes on to provide the best legal care available. Mr. LaSpada is readily available and responsive to his clients, often on the phone or meeting with clients as early as 7:00 am. Mr. LaSpada returns calls personally, and timely, knowing that this is probably one of the most significant and stressful periods in his client's life.

The Law Office of Anthony LaSpada, P.A., consists of two attorneys, Mr. LaSpada and Joseph Eustace, and a support staff which has been with Mr. LaSpada for over twenty years. Mr. LaSpada also relies on the expertise of a number of outside consultants who work closely with his office on complex white collar crime cases. Mr. LaSpada has developed a team of experts in the criminal and civil tax arena, including a retired IRS CID Special Agent and Group Manager, and a Retired IRS Associate Chief of Appeals. Mr. LaSpada also associates with an international tax law specialist who is one of the area’s foremost authorities on foreign corporations, offshore trusts and international reporting requirements related to offshore bank accounts. Mr. LaSpada's experience in the area of tax representation, both criminal and civil, is among the best in the Tampa Bay area.
Mr. LaSpada provides representation and assistance to clients in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the United States.

What kind of client comes to Anthony LaSpada, P.A.?

Mr. LaSpada provides service to clients from around the country, many of whom have been contacted or expect to be contacted by state or federal investigators regarding potential criminal or civil issues. These issues may be regarding investigations by the IRS, the FBI, the SEC or other federal or state agencies, including local law enforcement such as the Sheriff's Office or local police department. Mr. LaSpada can help the client determine what the problem areas are and whether or not the client has any criminal and/or civil exposure. Mr. LaSpada's approach to any case is to do everything possible to quickly identify the issues in a case and to determine the best and most effective defense. Often when individuals have been contacted by the IRS, either in person or by mail, they are not sure what is taking place. Mr. LaSpada intercedes on behalf of the client and from that point on deals directly with the investigating agency. In the event a client has been charged and arrested, Mr. LaSpada can assist the client in obtaining a reasonable bond and being released.

Criminal Law

The Law Office of Anthony J. LaSpada, P.A., has significant experience in the following areas:

  • Criminal IRS Investigations: This includes Non filing of IRS tax returns, Tax Evasion, Filing False Income Tax Returns, Money Laundering, Currency Reporting Requirements, UBS Inquiries, Offshore and International Taxation, Employment Tax Fraud, False Statements, and False Offer In Compromise Applications. In addition, Mr. LaSpada represents clients in tax matters in hearings at the local level and in Washington DC before the Department of Justice Tax Division.
  • IRS 8300 Audits: The IRS has recently expanded its Form 8300 audit program, which focuses on currency transactions which exceed, or appear to exceed, $10,000. This was originally part of a program to identify illegal narcotics traffickers, however, it now addresses normal businesses which deal in currency, such as automobile dealers, real estate or other transactions which may involve cash, cashier's checks, money orders, etc. There are significant criminal and civil penalties associated with these violations.
  • IRS Return Preparer Investigations: The IRS aggressively identifies and pursues tax return preparers which they feel are preparing false tax returns. The firm has represented the return preparers, and the clients whose returns are being prepared, in dealing with the IRS.
  • IRS Employment Tax and Payroll Company Issues: The IRS has initiated a nationwide program to identify and investigate potential violations related to Federal Withholding Taxes. Often the IRS has targeted payroll companies and employee leasing agencies, due to the large numbers of employees. These cases may be civil in nature, or may become criminal, and must be aggressively and quickly addressed.
  • Bank Fraud: This includes allegations of False Loan Applications: Due to the growing number of failed mortgages the Federal Government, including the FBI and the US Attorney's Office, is currently focusing a great deal of their resources on investigations relating to Bank Fraud and Mortgage Fraud. These cases need to be addressed quickly and aggressively in an attempt to stop or otherwise limit the investigation prior to charges being brought.
  • SEC and Investor Related Fraud: Mr. LaSpada has significant experience in the area of Federal and State SEC and Investor Related Fraud. Law Enforcement, whether Federal or State, take these types of crimes very seriously in the State of Florida.

Areas of Representation

Pre-Indictment: Representation in pre-indictment stages of criminal investigations is one of the most important facets of this law office. This can be the most valuable service of all. Mr. LaSpada aggressively pursues cases at this level with the goal of avoiding indictment altogether, or minimizing the scope of criminal exposure. The Law Office of Anthony LaSpada has as its number one goal, to outwork the investigators of the government, and to know more about the matter at hand than they do. Mr. LaSpada's unique experience at both the National and Local level has prepared him well to best represent a client in trouble with the government, and to attack a case at his earliest stages.

Grand Jury Proceedings: Representation and advice for clients who are witnesses, subjects, or targets in Grand Jury investigations, including litigation over grand jury subpoenas.

Plea Negotiations and Sentencings: Mr. LaSpada's experience in the Federal System, and his reputation with the US Attorney's Office and various Federal agencies, allows him to pursue the most favorable plea arrangements, including advocacy for clients at sentencing.

Trials and Appeals: The firm has litigated in both the Federal and State arena, including trial and appeal issues. Associate Joseph Eustace has substantial appellate experience and has been successful in arguing cases before the Florida Supreme Court, Second District Court of Appeals, and Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Related Civil Aspects: The firm handles civil administrative matters which often accompany white-collar cases, such as IRS audits and IRS collection matters, Tax Court cases, and professional licensure proceedings. It is often crucial that related civil proceedings be coordinated with the criminal defense to fully protect the client's rights.

Forfeitures: Federal and State offices aggressively pursue forfeiture action against citizens. The firm has substantial experience in handling civil and criminal forfeitures in both state and federal court. Forfeiture claims frequently accompany criminal investigations of Health Care, Drug, tax fraud and racketeering cases. Forfeiture can deprive a client of the use of assets pending disposition of criminal charges, and adversely affect one's ability to defend oneself against such charges. As such, coordination with the criminal defense is crucial.

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